Feel Difficult to Focus During Online Learning? Let's try these 7 tips!

Hi, learners! After more than two years of implementing online learning, schools and universities have started returning to offline learning. Nevertheless, learning with online mode remains an option.

Uniquely, we have experienced online learning for so long. However, the difficulty of maintaining focus during online learning is still often felt! There are many helpful online learning modes, for example, online courses at Udemy, Coursera, and EdX, or learn through learning videos on YouTube!

So, the ability to focus during online learning can boost our knowledge and skills! How can we increase focus while studying online? Let's check the tips below.


Do you use a smartphone or laptop? If you need a charger during the lesson, make sure the charger is within your reach. Don't forget to check the battery percentage!

Battery issues often interfere with our focus when studying online. When we should focus on learning activities, we will be busy worrying about the percentage of gadget batteries. Not only the gadget but also ensure the availability of internet quota or the stability of the wifi used. 


First, choose a location with minimal disturbance. For example, not many distracting noises or the anticipation of the family passing by behind you.

Maybe someone has experienced while in a virtual class, your sibling appears behind you, there is a noise from the television, or your parents called. This is mainly for those of you who do synchronous online learning, namely learning that is done in real-time.

Then make sure the location has stable internet. Because when you move from one place to another looking for a signal, it can cause your focus to be disturbed.

Then limit the equipment around you. Make sure only the things you need—textbooks, notebooks, and stationery. Only put down what you are sure will be used or needed.


The critical review is an in-depth review activity of a material. This can be done by taking notes or formulating questions after reading the material. Try to read the material before the virtual class takes place. 

One of the reasons we don't focus on virtual classes is that we don't understand what is being studied. Initial knowledge of the material to be learned is essential!


This is specific tips for those who do synchronous online learning. Like offline synchronous learning, online synchronous learning must also be sought on time. If possible, try to arrive early for the virtual class.

Based on my experience, showing up early helps us adapt earlier too to virtual classroom situations! Showing up on time shows that you respect time, teachers, friends, and even yourself. It shows your commitment.


You can use a smartphone to record activities in the form of photos/videos/audio so that you can review the material independently. This will reduce anxiety when you cannot catch up with the explanation given by the teacher or lecturer.

When you feel calmer, your focus will tend to increase again. Next, temporarily turn off the connection for social media or other applications that may interfere.

You can use the Forest application on your smartphone or install the website blocker add-on on your laptop. It can prevent you from accessing social media or other websites that interfere with your focus in online classes. 


Recording videos, photos, or audio can indeed help you learn. However, taking notes can help you remember and understand your learning. Try to choose a note-taking method that suits your needs. Many note-taking techniques include Cornell, Mapping, Outlining, and Charting. 


It's not just your gadget that requires energy supplies from the battery and internet quota. Your brain also needs the energy to stay focused. Drinking enough water is believed to improve focus because the brain gets enough oxygen.

From my experience, sparkling water is the best drink to maintain focus. But, don't drink too much either, okay? You will go back and forth to the toilet if you drink too much.

Those are my favorite seven tips for focusing on online learning. What are your tips?

Revised on July 30, 2022

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