5 Tips How to Love Mondays

Hi, learners! Do you find it difficult to welcome the start of the workweek? Are Monday mornings the most unpleasant days of the week? You are not by yourself. Mondays are only sometimes my favourite day too. Mondays mark the beginning of a new week and the end of the weekend. 

We are familiar with the phrase I Hate Mondays. The feeling of laziness, unwillingness, and even distress sometimes colour our Monday mornings. Sometimes we use jargon, I Love Mondays, or I do not Hate Mondays, to give ourselves an energetic boost in welcoming Mondays. Are there other tips to make us embrace Mondays better?

In this article, I will share five tips for welcoming our Mondays with more enthusiasm.

#1 Be Positive, Be Grateful

We do not like Mondays because we do not want our weekends to end. We are not ready to face a bunch of school or work assignments. However, rather than focusing on the negative facts, we can concentrate on the positive ones.

How do you feel meeting with your friends at school or the workplace and having lunch with them? Are you eager to share with them what you did on the weekend? Oh, and by the way, Mondays mean one day closer to the weekend!

Some interesting points. But what if we dislike our friends? Then, concentrate on something we enjoy, for students, such as favourite school subjects or achieving future goals. Workers can consider their favourite aspects of their jobs, such as the buildings, the contents of the job, or simply the salary they will receive.

Be positive and grateful that we have something to do on Mondays, which many people there may wish for. Please spend a few minutes each morning reflecting on what we are thankful for in life and at work. This can help us shift our perspective and improve our mood.

#2 Take Care of Ourselves

It is critical to look after ourselves. We can feel refreshed on Monday morning if we sleep enough on Sunday night. That is why we must plan our weekends carefully, especially if we only have one day off, because weekend fatigue can negatively impact our weekdays, particularly Monday. 

We can enjoy watching movies, reading books, cooking, painting, or playing video games for indoor activities. These work well for people like me who prefer indoor activities or limited social interaction. If you like outdoor activities or a lot of social interaction, you can hang out with your friends, go to the cinema, or shop at the mall. We should also eat healthy, nutritious, yet delicious food. Good food, good mood. A light exercise is also an option. However, do not overwork our bodies. Rest, eat, and exercise. That concludes the spell.

#3 Plan Ahead

One of the reasons Mondays can be stressful is that we often dive right into work without a plan. So, we feel overwhelmed even without starting anything. Spending some time on Sunday evening planning out our week is necessary. What do we need to plan on?

Plan our weekly goals. It may be changed on special occasions. But we do have a general plan for the week. We must manage our priorities, such as assignment deadlines and meeting schedules. We can create a to-do list of tasks we want to accomplish and prioritise them according to their importance. 

The plan can help us stay on track and feel accomplished as we complete each task. Due to this plan, we will feel more organised and in control of our days. It can help us relieve stress and anxiety as we welcome Mondays.

Then, we must also consider the constraints, such as no hanging out after work on Mondays, no caffeine at night, and less social media checking while working or studying. We assess our distraction and plan a strategy to reduce it.

Another strategy is to establish a morning routine. While getting ready, why not listen to our favourite podcaster or singer, have our favourite breakfast foods, or get a cup of coffee from our favourite coffee shop? A routine is an excellent way to start our day right. We can choose activities that make us look forward to Mondays rather than dread them.

#4 Take a Break

Do you have a long day at work or school? 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or longer? Remember to take breaks throughout your day. A short break can help our productivity. We give a moment for our brain to rest, and it will recharge. Overwork will make us weary and dislike our job more. Especially on Mondays, our brain is still half on vacation from the weekend. We do not need to feed our brains more reasons to hate Mondays.

Depending on your profession, you may have some options for a break. You may have a specific break time at school as a student. As a student, my school had two recesses daily, once for 15 minutes and again for about an hour. Regarding my job, I can now have time for lunch and a bathroom break. How about your work? Some of the options we can do during those times are going for a short walk around workplaces, having some light meals, checking our social media, or socialising with our coworkers.

#5 End Your Day on A Positive One

We have to plan the day, and we have a break during the day. How do we end the day? We must want something memorable and bring a positive feeling.

When school or office time ends, do some favourite activities or eat delicious meals. We must have an enjoyable evening. Spending time with our families and friends, pursuing our hobbies, or simply relaxing with a cup of chamomile tea will be wonderful. However, remember your limitations, as outlined in tip number three. 

Then let's end our day with a sweet note to ourselves. We did fantastic work today. We can reflect on our accomplishments or, if we have some failures, we can consider what we can learn from them. We should give ourselves a pat on the back! Have a good night's sleep, and we will be ready to face the day.


Loving Mondays is about changing your mindset and forming new habits. By adopting a positive attitude, taking care of ourselves, planning and developing routines, having a short break throughout the day, and ending our day positively, we can transform Mondays from the worst day of the week to the best day. We can learn to love Mondays and start our week with reasonable efforts and intentions.

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